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For Trucks, Busses, Caravans and Vans

Thanks to your pre-paid MOBICARD, you will benefit from a discount of 8cts. per Diesel Litre in a top of the ladder selected network of petrol stations in Spain. No commissions or hidden fees, you pay the pump price and receive an automatic discount of 8 cts. for each litre you fill.

The MOBICARD petrol stations network is strategically located at the boarders of Spain and in the Mediterranean area.

Budget protection; no commissions, no hidden fees!

And there's even more: each time you fill in La Junquera, you will get a free night stay at the secured Truck Parking. The petrol stations are equipped with all sort of facilities for drivers: showers, restaurant, supermarket, secured parking and anything else a driver needs for his comfort.

Don't waste your time and money, protect your budget and apply for your card and start benefiting with the best pump discount in Spain! Remember: we don´t charge you with any extra commissions or fees.

  • 8 cts. € of discount on the pump price for each Litre of Diesel
  • No commissions and no hidden fees !!!
  • State-of-the-art netwrok & top-quality petrol
  • Located at the borders between Spain and France
  • Additional petrol stations in the Mediterranean area
  • 24/7 help-desk. No extra charges for calling the help-desk.
  • Official invoice with Spanish deductible VAT
  • No bank guarantee needed!
  • No bank account required
  • MOBICARD is free! No annual fees! Only 2€ for the activation costs.
  • 100% control over the cards
  • No fraud risk
  • Top-up any of your cards in a few seconds
  • Free access to a 24/7 European break-down service

Order now your cards HERE, or call us under +33 3 88067896 for further information!

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